Crucible Final

Why do the children lie a when they are brought to trail with John Proctor and why do they keep pretending that they are controlled by the devil? Abigail was lying when she said, ” Goodie Proctor sent her spirit and it stabbed me. ”

In past times and todays time many people lie to save themselves from trouble in and out side of a court room. That trouble could be jail time, community service or even death. It is the same as how the children in The Crucible were doing to keep themselves from reveling that they were lying the whole time about how they were being controlled by the devil. And Abigail Williams was lying to get John Proctors Wife, Goodie Proctor,  hung because she wanted John Proctor to be in love with her and not his own wife. A study has been shown that there are six reason why people lie and one of those reasons is they want what they are lying about to come true. Another reason is the lie snowball. Someone tells a lie and then they have to keep covering up that lie and it eventually keeps carrying on until that person is just has to keep lying to keep themselves out of trouble. These reasons are key to why people try and lie and keep themselves out of trouble.  And These reasons relate to the girls in the crucible. Also a way that you can tell that that person is lying to keep themselves out of trouble is by using negative tones. They use negative tones because they feel guilty boy the lie. This relates to when Abigail Williams attacked Judge Thomas saying that he too can be controlled by the devil. I can also relate to this because i have done it as well to keep myself out of trouble with my parents as well as the other two reasons above. All of these reason reminds me of the play because all of the reason were why the children and Abigail Williams were lying.

There are so many people around the world that use these reasons to lie to keep themselves safe and not in trouble in and out of the court room. I can truly say that my question has been answered relating to the crucible and also relating to real world.


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